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ReadRing shop coming soon

It's been a while after previous posts. I've been busy with the technical development but not as much as taking care of my love ones during the difficult pandemic.

We planned to sell our products online since the beginning. And it took hundreds of prototypes and years of hard work to find the practical low volume production methods and the right prices.

Photo: One of Braille Track Notetaker prototypes with a smiley face drawn above the braille display surface

Now we are almost ready to reveal the shop and products pages. Stay tuned for your online shopping experience. The products will be made to order, that means you pay, get receipt, and wait up to 8 weeks to have the handmade product shipped. The prices are already cheap even for handmade units and buyers are eligible for exclusive discount when mass production starts.

Actually our blind CMO, Ms. Alisa will take care of selling platform, but she finds it hard to access Wix site editor. Dear Wix team, please make your web editor more accessible for the blind. Thanks in advance.

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